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Dear Solo-Entrepreneur:

I didn't have a fancy sales page this time; I have a letter I wrote and a solution to your business frustration and money problems. Take 1 minute 22 seconds to read this...

It's Sabrina Kane, and I understand the journey you're on. You've been bombarded with endless internet hype, half-baked course promises that lead nowhere, and bad advice from those who haven't walked a mile in entrepreneurial shoes. You're tired of YouTube University and TikTok-ed out trying to piece shit together!

You're here because you want actual results and something different, and you don't have much time to make this business or idea pop off before you give up or have to do some strange thangs for change!

(no judgment, I knowww)

You seek focus, a clear game plan that actually works, and a strategy you can execute to generate automated revenue. You want to elevate your business knowledge and learn tech in a non-techy way to grow your business, but you also need personal development... and you want it in a space that's free from distractions.

Here's a solution....

Our community Millionaire Thinkers, led by Sabrina Kane (meeeee), who's walked the walk, and qualified to talk the talk. Leadership isn't about flexing your rented lifestyle online to make people buy into broken promises—it's about proven strategies, practical execution, and leading by example.

You can make 5, 6, 7 figures online in sweatpants and a t-shirt (I've done it, and I'm doing it).

My team and I are here to guide you from where you are now to where you dream to be, whether that's hitting your first 5, 6, or even 7 figures in your business.

Forget the hype. Millionaire Thinkers is about straight execution, implementing automations, renewing your mindset, and, most importantly, GETTING RESULTS.

This isn't just another community (and it sure isn't a "Facebook group".🤢 )

It's your private daily virtual workspace for mindset, technology, and execution, where you'll continually elevate, surrounded by other solo entrepreneurs who understand your journey and a leadership team committed to your development and business goals.

Join Us..... BUT only if you want real, raw, uncut, authentic leadership!


Getting new money over here.

P.S. I'm active in our community. I get to be unfiltered and without algorithmic restrictions!

If you're an action-taker, you're probably about to click that green

I'm Ready To Join button...

If you need more information and help "convincing" yourself to take action on "your goals", here it is.

scroll down and let me see if I can sell you the uncut version 🙄🙄🙄

“Real Businesses Have a System & Automations”

Now— in order to be “systematized & automated,” you do need some tools, or else you'll burn out soon in business trying to do everything yourself, and we don’t want any of that...

That’s why I pulled together ALL the core tools you’ll need into one simple system, we'll help you implement & automate your online business without overthinking or hesitation...

We're not going to make you pay the high price tag that normally comes with “setting up and fully stacked automated system”... (starts at $30,000) plus monthly technical support starts at $1,000 & dedicated consulting retainers start at $10,000 per month (yes per month)

If you need receipts, email me, and I'll send you some NDA proof and video clips... for FREE!

Why am I offering a high-ticket offer in our community as a monthly membership for the people? I'll tell you in a second, but I need you to know some truth first.....


Expert Marketers know that ignorance = profits.

I know this, and now you know it!

However, don't miss this part....

Even a plumber or mechanic makes money off ignorance (people who don't know about cars, or pipes, etc)

The problem is that since you don't know, guess what? The unethical marketers, plumbers, and mechanics will not sell you what you need but rather whatever they can get out of you!

Keep it real: How would you know if that's what you need until you paid or get in knee-deep ???

You should ALWAYS research to ensure the person is trustworthy, a good fit for your business, and more so, has the right attitude and energy!

Hmmmmm, now, with that being said...

Here’s Everything You Get When You Join Our Community

“Millionaire Thinkers”

scroll on down.....

If you wanna go research some other systems & automation "courses" or experts go do that first then come back here last.....

Remeber this is not a course, this is an interactive community and inside the community, you get to access workshops, courses, LIVE mindset training, homework to implement in your business, collaborations, group chat, live events, and more ....

  • EXECUTOR Membership: This level is for solo entrepreneurs who are actively engaged in their business and ready to implement systems, tools, and automations to streamline and scale their business processes and revenue. At EXECUTORS level It involves executing strategic plans given to you by Sabrina Kane.
  • Community support so you can overcome real-world business challenges.
  • You get to tweak & edit ready-made designs of ​your automated funnel (without writing a single line of code or hiring an expensive copywriter, designer, or tech person...we give you the one-click install automated funnel); we learn & implement this together in class.
  • ​Run traffic to a proven chatbot that captures leads and sells for you in the DM 24/7 365. You probably haven't heard about our bot that did $284K and some change in 7 months. I love chatbots, and I want to share 3 bots with you that have produced the most success.
  • ​Earn a learn at the same time, we teach you affiliate marketing not just for our stuff, but we teach you how to build your affiliate army to sell your stuff and promote your business
  • Mindset Coaching: Breaking Chains with Kane EVERY THURSDAY @7:11pm CST
  • A.I Tech News & A.I Tools (don't worry about getting left behind. You'll know what's happening in the world of A.I and where you need to take action. Just focus on your business, and Kane will alert you if it's tech news you can use!
  • Giveaways & Games Lounge: This is where you learn about tech, marketing, and sales by participating in scavenger hunts and solving riddles! You'll learn in a fun and enticing way as the game goes on...
  • Mind Full of Money Box: Have you ever just needed a damn good idea to execute but can't think of anything? The mind full of money box is a part of the community where we gift our ideas so others can execute them. We have fruitful minds, and I can't execute all these great ideas; that means giving them to others.

Now, Back To Ignorance is profitable...Let me answer that previous question....

Previous Question: Why am I offering such a high-ticket offer in our community as a monthly membership for the people?

Firstly, we meet you where you are currently in business, giving you only what you need. We are not offering you a FULLY STACKED AUTOMATED SYSTEM (starts at $30,000). All you need right now is a powerful minimum system to get started that will get you to making money; then, you can scale up to another level as you need.

Most of you don't need ad tracking capability, complex data segments, or SEO optimization for GEN A.I LLMs. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE MENTAL CAPACITY OR TIME TO LEARN THAT OR IMPLEMENT IT YET!!! Get what you need, use what you have, and then move up. (If you DO need that big scale for weight, you can ask Kane about the Visionary THINK TANK, which is a private group with a higher level execution with Kane.)

Secondly, You're at the pioneer founders level of the Millionaire Thinkers community... what does that mean? You are here at the launch phase as we are all growing together, and the price is today's price. Lock in because in a few months, as we grow and more value is added to the community, the price will also rise as the value rises. (that's not scarcity; try me, come back later if you like to check our prices)

So what are you gonna do...

My Team And I Have Made This The Dopest, Most Comprehensive Community, Mindset Tech, & Execution. For most, It's a no-brainer decision for Business... However, Only You Know What's Best For You ....